Updating the TimeWorks license

14 July, 2016

(Note that I’ll update this blog entry if needed.)

The TimeWorks licensing system is moving to a commercial system.

If you are a current license holder

You will be able to obtain a new license for free. You can do this by downloading an updated version of TimeWorks. When you run it, if it is activated, you will see a window which announces the move. If you click on the highlighted button, you will be able to ‘buy’ a license for no cost. After that, validation will work through the new system, so you shouldn’t see the window again.


If you need to, you can download TimeWorks here

  1. Update to version 1.2.15.
  2. Validate the version.
  3. Quit and re-run TimeWorks. A window should open offering you to move your license over.
  4. Click on the move button and follow the steps!

If you are a license-holder and don’t see the window, please email me.

If you have any problems or comments, please email me.

Hopefully, everybody will have moved their licenses over by the end of August, 2016.

Mac App Store

There are no changes to Mac App Store licensing.

If you don’t have a license

When you first download and run TimeWorks, you will be given 21 days to try it out. If you like it, you can purchase a license.

Again, email me if you have any comments or suggestions.

TimeWorks is not only an app. Because it includes a licensing system, there is website which includes a description, a shopping-cart for sales which is linked to PayPal as well as a database which stores information for license validation.

Unfortunately, some of the third-party code on the server side has not been updated in a long time, and that, together with an incomplete implementation has meant that I need to either do a considerable amount of work to make an upgrade together with ongoing support, or move over to a licensing system that is handled professionally. Going the latter way removes a whole area of responsibility which is great considering that I, like everybody else it seems, am very time-poor.

The commercial system that will be used is produced by the company, Paddle. They are based in London, England. It appears they have a large number of Apple developers using their scheme, so I feel confident that they will provide a good service for both you and me.